To BC or Not to BC? That is the Question

When the decision to natural is made the question of BCing isn’t far behind. There really isn’t any wrong or right approach when it comes to this. I’ve known women to wake up one morning and decide they want to be natural and take clippers to their hair. I also have a friend who transitioned for two years before letting go of her relaxed ends. I say do whatever feels right to you. My original plan was to transition for about 18 months, I made it to 11. I wanted to transition as long as possible because I am a ponytail fanatic and also the shape of my head just isn’t conducive to rocking a fade as fierce as some women. I had about three to four inches of hair when I BC and yes it was too short for a pony but long enough I could clip a bow in it.

There are pros and cons with each approach. For instance, pro: BC means your completely natural and can really start learning how to care for your natural texture properly. Con: Hair may not be long enough for styles you want to achieve. Pro: Not to BC, you will have a lot more hair to work with for fun styles and updos. Con: You have two years of growth and now you’re thrown into the natural world with a lot of hair to learn how to care for.

My main point is, do not let anyone tell you how and when you should make the decision to BC or not to BC, be sure you’re ready with any decision that you make.

Stay Beautifully,


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